Friday, April 3, 2009

More Fun With Leslie Hall

This was truly one of the most fun nights of my life. I can't believe I actually went on stage and danced like a crazy person, and without being drunk or some excuse. I guess I don't really need an excuse, it was a once in a life time moment. Well, at least untill next year when she comes back into town. The picture above is of Leslie and my sister. Leslie loved her Gem sweater too and asked all about it, to which my sweet sister replied "Traci made it!" Leslie said she loved it and noticed it from on stage. How cool!
This is me on stage in the Red, upfront.....getting directions on how to be a back up dancer. And also we were warned not to touch Leslie. But, half way through the song, Leslie said to me and another girl "lift me up." We were like, ".......okay...." We tried our best and I am sure the effort was silly.
I have decided not to post the video, because I look like a goon dancing and I don't need the whole world seeing me look so crazy.

1 comment:

themorrisbunch said...

Oh MAN! I was SO looking forward to seeing the video!
You WILL show me that clip!!!
Glad your dream came true! ;)