Friday, April 24, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge here we come

As most of you know, Jake has been out of town at work for over a month now. We are taking a much needed mini vacation with the kids to Great Wolf Lodge. I am really excited about going here. And I have heard alot of nice thing about this resort. We are all so excited to go in the indoor water park. It is going to be a blast!

They have many anamatronics, This one below, tells a story about native Americans. How cool!
So I am told, you purchase a wand (Regan is going to love this) and it sets off magical anamatronics, and lights all over the resort. There is some sort of game attached with it. And you get to keep the wand and bring it back with you the next time.

This is the room we are staying in. Jake loved the idea of the kids having there own "wolf den" to sleep in. Plus they get there own TV in there. But, I bet the bunk beds will be the highlight of the whole room experience.

I will post pictures when we get back. AAAAWWWHOOOOOOO! (that is supposed to be a wolf howling). I know, I am a nerd.


Carissa said...

Have fun! It looks like a blast.

Dustin and Melanie said...

That place looks AWESOME! What fun!