Monday, October 27, 2008

Luke's Family Party

Luke's Monster Truck Family birthday party.
I made this cake. Safeway kept messing up my order. Luke stayed right by me the whole time I was frosting it, saying "mama, you missed a spot." My little micro manager.

Luke got so many Monster Trucks! He is in Moster Truck heaven.

Jake's cousin Cheryl brought the twins! Too Cute!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Luke's 3rd birthday

I suprised Luke with a trip to his favorite place Chuck E Cheese!
His real party is this Sunday, but I wanted to spoil him anyway.
When were are at home, Luke likes to pretend that he is taking us, or driving us to Chuck E Cheese, guess old habits are hard to break. Even where we were there he kept telling me he was going to take me to Chuck E Cheese!
Not suprising, he kicked my bootie at air hockey.
He was so proud of himself for not being scared of the real Chuck E Cheese!

Regan's 4 year pictures

I have been holding on to this outfit since she was a baby.
This is the picture she picked out for her wall in her own room.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sparky Video!

Cranberry Harvest 2008

We had another wonderful year at the beach harvesting cranberries!
Sparky had a great time too....don't worry, you won't find any sparky hairs in your crazons or jellied berries.
A few days before harvest the bogs get flooded with water, then my uncle Ed thrashes the vines with a trasher machine. The berries float to the top of the water. We use floating boards with hinges to corral the berries and bring them to this machine.
The neighbor kids love all the excitement too. And they keep my kids entertained!
Jake with my Uncle Ed.

Even More harvest!

The berries get scooped up by this machine and get loaded into these big bins.
The bins get taken to the processing plant where they are sorted and cleaned, see, told you, no Sparky hairs!
They wouldn't let us take pictures inside, but they did let the kids tour it.
Me, with my Aunts and Grandma, we cooked all weekend, and had so much fun swaping stories.
Everyone was so tired after the harvest was all done.

The Bakery and the Drama!

Every Year at Cranberry Harvest we wake up early and head off the the bakery downtown Long Beach. It is the cutest little bakery with every kind of baked good and doughnut you could ever imagine. It is tradition that Regan gets to pick out a "barbie cupcake." Except this year, she had a "little bit of drama" right before bed, the night before we were supposed to go the bakery. She had to loose her privledge of the cupcake. The next morning we were at the bakery, and Regan was looking longingly at her beloved cupcakes through the glass. A little girl came to look too. I overheard Regan whispering to her "see that one with the blue dress and white polkadots......That one is mine, so you can't buy it."

The Next day, she got her cupcake....notice it is a diffrent one!

Pumpkin patch 2008

It was a perfect chilly day at Bizi Farms.
Luke Loved the Hay maze.

This was taken at the tippy top the the hay piramid.
The Farms policy is: children can only pick a pumpkin that they are able to carry themselves. I didn't get stuck carring huge pumpkins, yea!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Monster Truck Pinata

Jake and I made our first craft together for Luke's birthday.

Our hands were covered with paste, it was so fun! A few days later, Jake and the kids painted it.
I think it turned out really cute, picture of Luke on one side, and a picture of Regan on the other.
I should sell these things! I get alot of people looking for these from the web. How much would you pay for one?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Do I need to say more!

Ready for Halloween!

Summer 2008

New Neighbors with a Pony, Every girls dream!
Annual trip to the beach with quads.
Regan mastered the monkey bars!
Geo Cache-ing!
Just sweet!

He is almost 3!

My little guy is almost 3 now.

Cranberry Harvest Here we come!

Every Year we go to Long Beach to help my family with the Cranberry Harvest. Here we are in our hip wader boots just like the commercials. It is so much fun spending time with family, working hard and eating well.

Monster Trucks!

Luke's dream come true! We spent the day at the fair to be able to watch the monster truck show. Before the show we could see the trucks setting up in the parking lot. Jake had the awesome idea to go and check them out. Luke got to get up close and personal with all the trucks and their drivers. The kids even got to climb up on one. If you have been to our house within the past year, you know that Luke is monster truck crazy. All we hear all day is "BBBBRRRRUUUUUUUUMM, BBBBBBRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUMM! Monster Truck Jam!"