Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Favorite Website

Just wanted to share this website with all my friends. I visit it evey day and plan my shopping around it. What a great resource!

Check it out and tell me what you think.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Girls Day!

Since the boys went to the Monster Truck Show, we had a girls day. Regan picked going to ride the Sky Tram in Portland. This thing is really cool, that is if you are not scared of heights. What a view! There was only one scary part. When the tram went over one of the huge arms, the driver said "brace yourself for the swing." very calmly. Well, it went up, and them sharply down, like a little bit of a roller coaster for a few seconds. Regan loved it and screamed. And it did that while swinging from side to side, because of the windy day. Cheap thrills I guess. Will I do that again? Probably not....well, maybe I would.

This is at the top, OHSU. There was a nice coffee bar and great living room seating area with breath taking views of the city.

Next we went to lunch at the Old Spegetti factory, Regan's favorite! It was a great day.

Roller Skating and.....What day wouldn't be complete without ice cream?

Next Regan wanted to go roller skating. Fine by me, I love to roller skate. Especially with children. Then I don't look like a total crazy person going slow, and if I loose my balance, I can blame it on them holding my hand.
When we first got her skates I had the nice gentleman tighten the wheels, so she wouldn't slip. After a few times around the rink, which took a half an hour, I had the nice guy, loosen the wheels, thinking she was ready. Boy, was I wrong! Her feet just kept slipping out from under her, and she flopped and flung herself all over. So, we went back to the guy, apologizing and asked him to tighten them again. We were there for an hour and a half and made it around the rink about 6 times. Causing major traffic problems for everyone the whole time.

This is Regan saying "I hate skating." And she was done.

What perfect day wouldn't include a trip to Papa's Ice Cream? Regan got her beloved Mango sorbet.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jake on the road

Thank you to our friends and family for all your love and support through this difficult time. If you have not heard yet, the container business is not going well. Jake has made the tough decision to go back on the road. This will leave his little family very sad, because we will miss him so much. But the provider in him will not let us fail. He will be gone for months at a time, and we appreciate his sacrifice.