Saturday, December 13, 2008

A warning about Camels

Every year we go to the living Bethlehem. It is so much fun! There is always as many actors as there are visitors. And some of them take their roles very seriously. Luke and I went into one of the "Inn" s there, They had lots of people just laying around in beds, and I told Luke to ask "is there any room?" The man yelled at him "No! Go sleep in the barn with the animals!"
My sister asked the high priest of the temple to pose for a picture with 2 roman soldiers and he said "okay, but I don't usually hang out with these guys...." Usually our favorite part is visiting the camel, my kids would say the free popcorn and cocoa. The kids ran right over to see the camel, she loved Luke and kept nuzzeling him. Regan went right for his head, bad idea, but hindsight is 20/20. I took the picture above right before.....the camel grabbed a bunch of Regan's hair and proceeded to try and eat it. I was pretty much freaking out, and so was Regan. The camel was pulling the hair, trying to bite it off. The people in charge of the camel were not doing anything, I couldn't belive it. Jake pulled it all out of the camels mouth, and it was covered in camel goo! The smell was aweful! One of the camel people said "oh, she must have thought it was hay!" Needless to say, we will not be visiting the camel next time.
Naughty Camel! Here is the villian. Warning, if you see this camel she is Warm and Dangerous!

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Carissa said...

Oh no! I hope Regan is okay.