Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A night at the movies, as seen through the eyes of a 4 year old

So Saturday morning I was woke up by my cuties wearing super cool kid glasses.

"Guess what mommy! Daddy took us to the movies last night!"

"Great." I yawned wishing I could go back to sleep.

"I had chocolate chips that were diffrent colors, except I didn't get to eat all of them, because daddy spilled most of them all over the floor in the dark."

"what movie did you see?" I asked, knowing there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleeep.

"We saw Bolt in feedee. It was really really good, except it was boring........"

Okay, now I am confused, but I listen on.

"When you take your glasses off."

"hmmmm" I say

"Luke had M&M's that were colored orange and yellow and didn't have M's on them, and we got a really big bag of popcorn, but daddy ate it all, and you should have seen the pop cup we had! It was so BIG, and we didn't drink it all cause it was so big."

"Then in the middle of the movie I had to go to the bathroom, and daddy had to take us, then when we got back, we had to go back to the bathroom cause daddy thought Luke forgot his glasses in the bathroom, but he really didn't, they were in his pocket."

Ha! Day in the life! I was thinking.

"Then after the movie we got to play the car driving video game, I was the red car and Luke was his favorite color blue. Then we took our picture and I did like this (1 st picture) and then I did like this (2nd picture) then I didn't want to take anymore, and then I was mad."

So like Regan.

Then I asked "where did you go after the movie?"

"We went home cause daddy didn't want to waste all his money."

The funniest thing about this conversation is, she never told me anything about the movie. Guess that is not what was really important.

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