Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Friday, OH Glorious Day!

Black friday went off without a hitch. What a wonderful day! I got up at 2am and picked up Bre. We promptly went to stand in line at Fred Meyer's they had Leapsters, bundles that included a game for $34.00 Smoking deal! Needless to say, we were the first people in line. With our chairs, and hot chocolate at the ready. An hour before the store opened, My cousin's and aunt joined us. There was not a shortage of laughter in line, Christmas spirit I guess. A reporter was there taking our pictures, she told us not to pose, but we couldn't resist being silly.
Okay seriously, my bootie is not that big, but my camera battery died or I would have taken another. I think the wind did that, cause I ran over there to get in the picture.

Well, one bad picture deserves another! So saturday Bre called me to tell me that our picture was in the newspaper, no suprise because the reporter took alot of us. When I pulled up to the newspaper box, I about freaked! This picture was on the front page! I look like I am going to kill someone! Notice the list, with it carefully selected items, pictures and descriptions cut out of the ad and glued. I don't know how Melissa got in the door first, let's just say, I left her in my dust. You can check out the whole article with quotes from my Aunt Shelly:


After Freddie's we were at Wal-mart at 5:28, just 28 minutes after Freddie's and Walmart opened. Still in time for great deals. Let's just say Wal-mart was like bedlam. Although, we did get just about everything we wanted, thank you walkie-talkies.

Then on to Target, then the mall, then to breakfast. I kind of knew that breakfast was a bad idea, as soon as I ate something, my lack of sleep kicked in, and it was time to call it a day for this bargin shopper. Bre wasn't tired yet so she hooked up with her best friend and on she forged. All in all it was a great day.

Can't wait for next year!

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Jen Wood Sunshine Salad said...

Eric and I were going to hit the sales together but after figuring out everything we wanted was at Wal-mart, we decided it wasn't worth the trip into North Portland to drop the kids off at 3 am at Eric's parents, so I battled alone.

I got everything I wanted and then went to Sears to get a couple of things Eric wanted. I got to Cost Plus right before opening to get a red "charging station" as a present for myself.

I was pleasantly surprised by the cute x-mas ornament and 'passport' I got free for being in the first 100 people in line, plus the free coffee and cookies and, last but not least, scratching off my 'scratch off' square on the 'passport at the checkout counter to realize that I got a $15 off coupon so my charging station only ended up costing me $5!! Woo-hoo!!

Thanks for the advice of NOT GETTING a CART at Wal-mart. I just brought a huge laundry bag to carry and stuff everything in. I think I'm hooked on the Black Friday sales now!