Friday, March 13, 2009

What can $4.13 buy you?

Well let me tell you what $4.13 can buy you these days......Alot!
It has been my goal this new year to save as much money on groceries as I can. I have become competitive with.....well, no one but myself, but I take it seriously. I search the web looking for the best deals and free samples.
This week I found coupons for Johnson's products that have been reset. I got 6 Buddie bars for free, yes free. I have used these coupons before, and I don't think I will have to buy my kids soap until they are out of the house.
I refuse to pay more than a dollar for toothpaste now. And I won't pay more than a dollar for shampoo or deodorant.
Those 4 bottles of coffee mate creamer, free!
Mac and cheese, .49 each, can't beat that.
Huggies had great $5 off coupons for baby wipes, got 186 pack of wipes for .99 cents, gotta love it.
Using coupons has changed my life. I used to spend $120 a week on groceries, and now I average $30-$40 a week, what a savings! I now, never shop at Wal-mart to get the best deals, I shop Safeway and Walgreens to get the best deal, and I am saving money on gas because they are so close.
I am a member of and they send me free products to try out and share with my friends. I got a new Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner in the mail, with refills. And their new toilet cleaner product and a bunch of coupons. Full bottles of Pledge cleaner, and all their items come with coupons to buy more if I like it.
I am addicted to websites that offer free samples, I get a new one in the mail every day. Free make up, lotions, garbage bags and food, gotta love it.
There are so many ways to save money these days. I know with this economy, everyone is tightening their belt, and retailers are desperate to have your money.
Let me know what opportunities you come across.


Carissa said...

Wow! Awesome job!

The Gustafson Family said...

Wow! You are saving so much money! I am going to try to find more coupons and free items from the sites you suggested. I have been doing all of our grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and recently realized that I am not always getting the best deals. Thanks for posting!

Eva Luchini said...

I like you. Just wanted you to know!

Hanukkah said...

I've got a great recipe for home made laundry detergent if you're interested (I make all my own cleaning supplies) ends up being a few pennies per load and it's super easy. Maybe even cheaper if you can find coupons for the ingredients - Miss Coupon Queen!

Dustin and Melanie said...

That is really inspiring and GOOD for YOU!! So many people complain about over spending for things and never do anything about it, thanks for sharing.