Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Regans 5th birthday

We took Regan out to lunch at her favorite rest. Chuck E Cheese of course! She had a nice time with her good friend Anika. It was so nice to not have a huge birthday party this year.
If you haven't been to Chuck E Cheese lately, they have alot of new games. How cool is this? Perfect for my little princess!

Doesn't she look so grown up? She got to wear what ever she wanted today, which of course was her favorite princess dress.

Happy Birthday Regan! This is a double layer cake, one chocolate, one vanilla. And I was just about to frost if when she declared that she decided she wanted strawberry frosting instead of chocolate. Well, alright since it was her birthday, this is actually just white frosting with pink food coloring, but, she didn't know. And I put chocolate in the middle between the layers. She got to pick out all the foods we ate for dinner too. We had noodles with butter, steak, cheese zombies, tomato soup and apples. A meal fit for a princess!

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Wayne said...

Great cake and I hope the kid had a great birthday and the blog was great