Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Friday!!!!!!!!!!!

My favorite day of the year. I look forward to shopping with all the other crazy people. My friend Brienne and I strategize every detail. The first year Bre decided to come with me, she had no clue how I roll. I picked her up at 3am and we had our lists all made out, with difrent store, and cut out pictures of the items we were going to buy. We had our walkie-talkies all charged up and even did a few sound checks to make sure they were working, with extra batteries in our pockets, cell phones at the ready incase we needed a back up. Wearing thermals under our winter clothes and coat, ready for the long lines outside.

I pulled up to Toys R US and flipped Brienne the list, and said "here you go!." She looked confused.... She thought I was going to wait with her. But really, I was going to wait at another store. Let the games begin! At 5 am the doors opened.....We were seperated in the trenches, waist high in shopping carts and pushy people. I called out to my buddy on the radio. "Have you got the goods?!" But it was too noisy for her to hear her walkie-talkie! I felt all alone in this maddness. A lone shopper in a sea of bargins unatainable. Upon leaving the store, God smiled down on me and Bre alerted me to her positon. I quickly picked her up, and we went together to wait in line at Target, as they were to open in 50 minutes, at 6am. Whewwww.

Great deals, CHECK

Lots of Fun, CHECK

Meet new people in Line, CHECK

After Target, we convoyed with all the other shoppers to Fred Meyer, they have free coffee and doughnuts, we have to keep up our strength.

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Carissa said...

Have fun out there today! Be safe and get those deals!