Monday, October 20, 2008

The Bakery and the Drama!

Every Year at Cranberry Harvest we wake up early and head off the the bakery downtown Long Beach. It is the cutest little bakery with every kind of baked good and doughnut you could ever imagine. It is tradition that Regan gets to pick out a "barbie cupcake." Except this year, she had a "little bit of drama" right before bed, the night before we were supposed to go the bakery. She had to loose her privledge of the cupcake. The next morning we were at the bakery, and Regan was looking longingly at her beloved cupcakes through the glass. A little girl came to look too. I overheard Regan whispering to her "see that one with the blue dress and white polkadots......That one is mine, so you can't buy it."

The Next day, she got her cupcake....notice it is a diffrent one!

1 comment:

themorrisbunch said...

I am laughing out loud at your daughter!

That one's mine so YOU can't buy it!

Love it!